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Christian Fellowship School is Making Changes for Growth

This summer there is a lot of activity around the south end of the Christian Fellowship parking lot. In order to accommodate growth in the middle school and lower elementary, CFS is adding three additional modular classroom buildings. The current 4th and 5th grade classrooms are being moved slightly north (closer to the main building) and two new buildings are being placed parallel to them, with the outside doors facing the existing buildings. The 6th grade classroom is being moved slightly west (nearer the wooded fence line) and the third new building will be placed next to it, facing the main building. Other facility and programming improvements include the following:

    1. A deck will be built between the classrooms and extend to the south entrance of the main building, making the classrooms ADA accessible and creating a more defined space for student movement and security. The deck will also provide access to the playground and ball field area.
    2. To improve security, the south entrance doors in the elementary wing are being replaced with doors that accommodate an electronic locking system, just like the ones at the high school and elementary main entrance doors.
    3. A camera system will be installed outside the modular classrooms, as well as at the south entrance doors to monitor the area and allow the “buzz-in” system to operate at the south entrance doors.
    4. Due to increased enrollment, 6th and 8th grades are being divided into two groups, so there will be two 6th and 8th grade science classes, Bible classes, etc. The groups will not be staying the same throughout the day, so students need not worry that they will be separated from a particular friend for too long.
    5. Student lockers for 6th – 8th grade will be in the high school wing of the main building. Although many of the middle school classes will be in three of the modular classrooms, students will still be coming into the main building at least every third class period for other classes and lunch.
    6. To accommodate increased enrollment in preschool, some preschool programming will expand into Room 135 (Used by 1st grade during the last school year). First grade will be moving into Room 141 (Current 3rd grade room) and 3rd grade will be moving into a new modular classroom, nearest the main building.

We are very excited about these additions for growth, however, we ask that you please join us in praying that all the renovations are completed by the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, that we continue to see an increase in enrollment at all grade levels, and that we are able to inspire people to contribute financially for the expansion of Christian Fellowship School and Christian education in Columbia. Thank you so much for your support and prayers. Please feel free to call the school office if you have any questions about the upcoming school year or CFS’s plans for the future.

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