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Artistic expression is one way to a more rich understanding and experience of the Creator. In our desire to foster these experiences, we seek to be a place where imagination, faith, and the arts intersect. Integrating creativity into many aspects of the church helps us to do so.

The Gallery at CF

We believe that we are made in the image of a Creator, whom we can more fully know through creativity and imagination. We believe the arts are a form of hospitality, which invite us to explore universal themes of culture, community, and faith. The CF Gallery is designed to foster generative conversations, personal engagement, and spiritual reflection. We welcome collaborations with artists of diverse backgrounds in this endeavor to gain a fuller understanding of ourselves, our neighbors, and the world we live in. We believe that the bridges we form through the arts strengthen relationships for the common good of our community.

The Gallery at CF is located in our foyer and is open to the public during regular office hours. We also host gallery open houses for our different shows to celebrate and honor the artists. Check out our events page to find the next Gallery Open House.

Current Exhibit: Images of Local Culture

November 2022 - January 2023

Lisa Bartlett, local artist

Lisa Bartlett is a long-term Columbia resident who has vastly contributed to the arts community as an artist, art director, and gallery owner. After receiving her art degree from Columbia College in 1988, she worked as a graphic designer for KOMU-TV for 10 years. Since the early 2000s, Bartlett has filled different roles for local art establishments, such as the art director of installations at the Roots N Blues Festival. Bartlett actively engages with Columbia’s art scene. More of Lisa’s art can be found at her gallery, Artlandish Gallery, in downtown Columbia; she also serves on the board for the North Village Arts District; and holds her art studio at Orr Street Studios. Bartlett has also worked on several public art projects across the city, including murals, a signal box, and storm drains. 

From the Artist:

For many years I have been interested in local artists that live in our community and enliven the cultural setting.

I’m drawn to poets, writers, and musicians. They are my friends and I cherish the memories their performances create.

I get great pleasure in depicting the essence that these artists exude. I am not so interested in painting them exactly how they look but rather capturing a gesture or style. I use color to define form. I like to add movement with brush strokes to create a sense of energy. For these reasons I call myself an expressionist painter.

This is an ongoing body of work, and because of the subject matter does not have an ending.

Thank you, Christian Fellowship, for allowing me to exhibit this series one more time.

To learn more, check out her website.

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Creative Culture Group

This group is designed to help you integrate your faith in your artistic interests. It’s a space for you to grow, be encouraged, and find opportunities to serve using your unique gifting.

Connect with this group by contacting Kristin Gadsden.

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