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Dnipro Team Sunday worship

Group of young adults playing instruments and singing worship music on stage

Yesterday was Sunday, the best day of the week. Pastor Michael preached and the worship…Oh the WORSHIP! There was singing and clapping and shouting and praising so uninhibited it was as if the veil between this world and the unseen world became thinner. I’m convinced all of Heaven sang with us. There was weeping and […]

Living in Hope

group of people seated and smiling at the camera in a room full of people

We were excited to attend the church service at Church of the Living on Sunday. The construction team and ministry teams in Uzhhorod were both able to attend. The worship was powerful!  I recognized several songs that we sing in the states, but the words were in Ukrainian. It was really uniting, singing together in […]

Leaders’ Retreat

Group of people stanign together smailing at the camera with green valley and green hills beind them.

The Uzhhorod Ministry Team were so blessed to have the opportunity to minister to the Church of the Living God leaders during a two day retreat in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains. With multiple translators, we found that most of the leaders knew at least a little English. Many had their own ministries, some with holding […]

Without Fear

Photo collage of people smiling, laughing, and learning together.

When we left for Ukraine a week ago, so many people expressed worry over the danger we were traveling towards. But because God is good, He answered the prayers of so many and has kept us safe. We have not worried. We have not felt fear, even when the air raid sirens went off in […]

Life change and healing

What do you say when God starts changing your whole life in an afternoon? How do you express what you feel in a paragraph to those you love? When we read about Jesus healing the blind in the New Testament, I used to question why he spit in a blind man’s eyes in Bethsaida. Why […]

Brothers in Christ & Construction

The construction team remains healthy and in awe of what God has done over the last few days. Tomorrow is our last day on the work site, and we are going to miss the guys we have been working with. God has shown us part of the larger brotherhood of Christians that exists around the […]

The best laid plans

We have been planning for months, and weeks, and days for this retreat. Some of us have made outlines. Some of us made Word documents. A few of us made pictures. We bought tissue papers…rated supply cabinets…bought new supplies. A few of us downloaded WhatsApp. We learned how to use Google documents, even though we […]

Construction Team bonding

The last few days for the construction team have been productive, encouraging, and challenging. We are bonding well with the local team and have had a great time laughing and working alongside them. We are encouraged by their hope and perseverance in spite of difficult circumstances. Our work on the house is going well, and […]

Dnipro Family

We’ve been in Dnipro for about a day and a half now but it feels like much longer. We are laughing and sharing meals with new people. After such a short amount of time, we have found part of our family half a world away. People continue to LIVE in spite of their circumstances. They […]

A return to Dnipro

Our first day in Dnipro. We arrived at a train station under beautiful sunny skies and wonderful weather. Pastor Maxim asked me, “When was the last time you were here?” The last time I was here was April of 1997. I remember Jill, Jordan (who was a baby) and I stood with 15-20 folks from […]

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