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July 10, 2013 By: Phil Schaefer

When David Haasis asked me to listen to a couple of songs to consider for our next teaching series, the song "Always" stood out. This series we are launching into is on the Psalms and learning how to turn to God in every circumstance in life. That is what we read in the Psalms. The prayer and worship book of the Bibl

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June 12, 2013 By: David Haasis

There are many songs about God's love. Their styles range from somber and reflective to celebratory and energetic. "Relentless" is a song that fits in the latter category. The song celebrates the relentless nature of God's love, communicating how it persistently pursues and protects us. Understanding this love is so

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I Will Follow

June 7, 2013 By: David Haasis

  Many times the simplest concepts are the most profound. They can be easy to overlook, but when expressed in simple terms which convey their rich meaning, the depth of these simple concepts is more fully seen. The song "I Will Follow" simply expresses the depth of what it means to follow Jesus. The Bible uses t

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Strong God

April 19, 2013 By: David Haasis

  One of the new songs that came out of Youth Weekend last month was "Strong God" by the Desperation Band. It's a great song that declares the truth of how no one and no thing is as great, strong, and amazing as our God. The Desperation Band released a great song story video in which the writer speaks about the m

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God is Able

March 22, 2013 By: David Haasis

  This Sunday we are going to introduce a song based on Ephesians 3:20 called, "God is Able." All of the lyrics and the music were written to draw out that theme. Even though it is a fairly simple song, there is just something about how the music captures Christ's victory in a way that is both faith filled and fa

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Here For You

January 22, 2013 By: David Haasis

  "Here For You" is a song that calls us to worship and helps us understand why we gather together. It's a great song for drawing our heart's focus to God. Since the story video already has some great insights into what inspired the writing of the song by a couple of it's authors, Matt Redman and Matt Maher, I'm

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I Surrender

January 11, 2013 By: David Haasis

  Last week we introduced the song "I Surrender" which is on the latest live album from Hillsong titled Cornerstone. Originally, the Worship Community was not planning on introducing this song at this time, but over the last few weeks of 2012 several things seemed to indicate this should be the next song. After h

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Build Your Kingdom Here

September 7, 2012 By: David Haasis

  Several months ago I was at the Rock and Worship Roadshow and heard a unique and powerful song by Rend Collective Experiment called "Build Your Kingdom Here." Its style is probably best described as an upbeat Irish folk song, and it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite bands, Mumford and Sons. Due to t

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Rhythms of Grace

August 22, 2012 By: David Haasis

  "Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and y

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All to Him

July 27, 2012 By: David Haasis

  twelve30 (CF's youth group) recently went to Colorado for the Desperation Conference, had a great time, and brought back the song "All to Him." Last weekend, some of the youth who went on the trip who are a part of the Worship Community, included this song when they planned the worship set. After listening to t

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