Thoughts on the song “King of My Heart”

Our new song, “King of My Heart” has been one of my favorites for a while now. Whether I’m blasting it in my car or listening to it at my desk at work, it always seems appropriate for whatever I’m doing or whatever my day holds. Throughout the whole song “You are good” is repeated over and over. I’ve found it so important in my own life to let my soul be reminded that God is good.

Thoughts on “Immeasurably More” by Rend Collective

What are some of your highest thoughts on the greatness of God? Try to stretch those thoughts further, what is your picture of God? Well, the good news is that no matter how lofty your thoughts, they will fall short of the greatness of God. It may seem a little strange to call that good news, but it means that God is always better than we can even imagine. This cool thought is the topic of our next new song “Immeasurably More” by Rend Collective.

Thoughts on “Boldly I Approach (The Art of Celebration)”

Are you good at celebrating? Is it something you do often? What have been some of the biggest moments of celebration in your life? Is celebrating one of the first thoughts that come to mind when you think of living life for God, Christianity, or the Gospel? Or are you more likely to think of […]

On Earth as it is in Heaven

If you’re at all like me, you probably have a few burdens or unmet desires you’ve prayed about for years. I’ve had seasons of consistent prayer, times of fasting and crying out, and bouts of stoic checklist prayers. Occasionally, tears were all I had. I’ll even admit to trying to ignore pain, but it’s there. […]

Thoughts on song “More Than Conquerors”

I find one of the most brilliantly encouraging portions of the Bible to be in Romans 8:31-39. In these verses, the apostle Paul (the author of Romans) uses thought provoking questions to build up an argument that “nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.” I encourage you to read through these verses and consider all that Paul is communicating. You may also want to read Romans 4:5-8 and Romans 5:17 and think about how they relates to the verses in Romans 8. It will help you understand and connect more with our next new song, “More Than Conquerors” by Rend Collective which gets its title from the words in verse 37.

Thoughts on song “Emmanuel”

The reason I love the song “Emmanuel” is the reminder that God is with us. The declaration of faith recalls the various circumstances of our lives and God’s involvement in them. The first verse states our ongoing dependence on God: “All I need to know is You are with me.” The second verse recounts God’s faithfulness as He has already shown it: “All I’ve ever known is You beside me.” And, finally, the last verse restates both the cost and the resulting victory that we celebrate in the spring: Easter. Christ’s death and resurrection! His life brings us life, we are risen with Him, and He lives in us! Let us worship God and celebrate this truth with this song! God is with us indeed, in everything!

Thoughts on “Come As You Are”

Have you ever gone through tough times in Life? Do you ever have things going on in life or not going on that feel like they are holding you back or weighing you down? If so, the song “Come As You Are” by David Crowder, Ben Glover, and Matt Maher brings encouragement for the struggles we face in life. It invites us to cast the burdens we have on the Lord (Psalm 55:22) and find the healing only God can provide. There is something really powerful with how the music communicates the message of the song, so I’ll just let you listen to the song to get the overall message, but I will share a few thoughts to help everyone connect with the song in our services.

Thoughts on the Song “Tapestry”

A few weeks ago Phil started a new sermons series titled The Great Mystery of the Church. As he mentioned in the first sermon, the purpose of the series is to “elevate our thinking about what the church is and what is ours as the church and how it affects the way we live our lives.” This Sunday we are going to introduce a song, “Tapestry” by Hillsong United, which celebrates and conveys these very same ideas. The song uses poetic lyrics along with a unique sound to instill wonder for the mystery of what God is doing in and through his people.

New Song: “Joy”

Joy. What is it? If you ask others that question, you’ll likely get answers that sound a lot like “happiness” or “feeling really good”. If you ask old grouchy people they might say it’s what young’uns have before disappointment and pain sets in. You know what the bible says? Galatians 5:22 tells us that joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Did you catch that? A Fruit OF the Spirit! It’s produce grown in us by His presence.

Love is War

If you keep up with the New Song Blog, you may have noticed that I’m a fan of intriguing titles and lyrics that say much more than the words say alone. So, I can’t say I was disappointed when the leaders of the Worship Community chose a new song to go along with current sermon series (The Path of Discipleship) and it turned out to be “Love is War” by Hillsong United. The title alone stirs up many thoughts, and the lyrics weave imagery related to both love and war throughout, taking a journey that depicts some of the unexpected fights we face in following Jesus and reminds us of what God has done to help us in these fights.