Living Waters


People who take Living Waters often say that “Everybody in the church needs to take this.”  It is especially relevant for people who have never been able to fully experience the love of God.  They may understand mentally that God loves them, but they haven’t been able to experience it in their hearts.

Living Waters is an in-depth, Christ-centered program for people seeking healing in areas of relational and sexual brokenness. Living Waters addresses the reality that we are all broken in our ability to love others well. The goal of Living Waters is to lay a foundation for relational and sexual wholeness in our lives. With groups all over the world, and with nearly forty years of ministering God’s healing love, the Living Waters program is a proven path of healing.

Living Waters is particularly relevant to those who struggle with homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, the effects of sexual abuse, codependency, self-hatred, or the inability to love others well. Thankfully, Christ’s capacity to touch and restore us at deep levels of shame and brokenness extends to all of us, regardless of the specifics of our issue.

Through the worship, teaching, prayer and small groups of Living Waters we learn about:

• The strength of God’s love for us and how Jesus is central to our hope for wholeness
• The depth of our brokenness and our profound need for Him.
• The power of the His cross to restore our souls, sexuality and relationships
• The process of walking out our healing
• Our place in the church in loving others honorably


How is Living Waters Presented?

Living Waters is a 20-lesson program taught in a closed-group format. The leaders have been trained and a confidential policy is in place to help ensure trust and safety in the group. Each meeting includes:

WORSHIP – We focus our attention and praise on God rather than our problems.

THE WORD – Living Waters’ teachings combine psychological insights and biblical truths that help us to know God and ourselves better.

THE WORKS OF JESUS – Through healing prayer in large and small group settings, we invite the Holy Spirit to heal our various wounds. We bring our sins, as well as those committed against us, to the Lord who is faithful to set us free.

Foundational to Living Waters is the reality that God created us in His image as male and female. Therefore we value man and women working out their healing together. Great healing comes as men and women minister and receive alongside one another, thereby reflecting God’s intention and character. (Small groups are single sex, but both genders participate together in worship, teaching, and prayer in the large group.)

Is Living Waters for me?

If the following statements describe your heart for hope and healing, you may want to consider participating in Living Waters:

• A desire to deepen your relationship with Christ
• A desire to grow in your identity as a man or woman of God, allowing Him to reveal the good of your sexuality
• A willingness to face the sinfulness of your present state and the painful realities that led you there. This involves exploring hurts from your past specifically related to key people in your life, such as your parents
• A willingness to be open and honest with others about your brokenness, including sexual feelings and practices, as well as issues of identity and emotional immaturity
• A willingness to receive the healing ministry of the Holy Spirit in these deep areas
• A desire and willingness to walk free from sinful patterns
• A desire to grow in your relationship in the body of Christ


How do I sign up?

All participants need to complete an application and go through an interview. This process helps the Living Waters leaders place you in the most helpful small group.  Also space is limited by the number of facilitators who are available.  Since your success is enhanced by the steady participation of everyone, the interview process is used to select people who are most likely to complete the course.

Next Class:

  • Begins January 2021
  • Application process is now open.
  • The total fee for Living Waters is $180.  This cost covers materials and facilitator training.


Applications are processed through the Desert Stream Website.

  • After clicking on the Desert Stream link above, you will fill out a brief form.
  • Complete the questions, select, “Application for Living Waters” and indicate “I already know the group to which I am applying.” Submit the form.
  • You will be redirected to a page with links to application forms. Complete the Living Waters application.
  • Print the application and mail it or bring it to the church office in a sealed envelope addressed to Clay Spencer. (4600 Christian Fellowship Road, Columbia, MO)
  • Include in the envelope a refundable application fee of $25.
  • You can also obtain an application form from the church office by stopping by or calling 445-8561.
  • Once your application is received, someone from the church office will be in touch with you to arrange an interview time.
  • If you are selected, the remainder of the class fee will be due on the night of the first class. Other financial arrangements can be made.