Healing Prayer

What is Healing Prayer?

Healing prayer is a targeted prayer session that facilitates an encounter with God to address wounds that are affecting your thoughts, behavior, relationships, and/or physical health. The goal is to heal wounds and to apply God’s truth.

Who can benefit from Healing Prayer?

Anyone who feels stuck or frustrated with an ongoing, persistent emotional, physical, or behavioral issue that is negatively impacting your life can benefit from Healing Prayer. Do you feel like there’s a wall between you and God? Or maybe a door to fear, anxiety, or anger has been opened in your life? Sometimes we need a little help getting breakthrough in some of these area. Healing Prayer is a great place to look for help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does a Healing Prayer session look like?

A: All Healing Prayer sessions are held at Christian Fellowship Church in a quiet room, free of distractions. A team of 2 to 4 people will meet with you, talk a bit and then pray with you.

Q: Do the people praying for me have special training?

A:  The Healing Prayer Team has been specifically trained to pray with you in a way that will help you experience more truth and freedom in the area that you have struggles.

Q: Are these sessions confidential?

A: All prayer team members are trained to preserve confidentiality and will not talk about your session outside of the time and room in which it happens.

Q: Will I be required to share private details of my life and my past?

A: You are not required to share any information that you do not want to share. Prayer team members will not pressure you to say more than you want to say.

Q: Is Healing Prayer based on the Bible?

A: Yes! Concepts such as forgiving those who have wounded us, recognizing wrong thinking, and have a correct view of God’s character are all addressed in Healing Prayer. The Bible and the words of Jesus are relied upon as truth and trusted to bring transformation.

Q: How is this different from Christian Counseling?

A: The volunteers who are praying for you are not trained or licensed as clinical therapists. They do not do counseling in these sessions. This is truly a prayer time where the team listens for the Holy Spirit and goes before the throne of God.

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