Purity for Men

Purity for Men Group begins Aug 16

Purity for Men (formerly Falling Forward) is a time-proven accountability and recovery group for men struggling with pornography, lust, masturbation and other forms of habitual sexual behavior. Purity For Men proclaims the truth – Jesus is the answer to righteousness, and through him we can disable the sins of sexual addiction. Teaching topics include: Spiritual Aspects of Addiction, Intervention in the Addiction Cycle, Surrendering to God, Understanding the Addictive Cycle, and Forgiving & Making Amends.

Is Purity For Men for me?

Purity For Men (formerly Falling Forward) is for all men, age 18 and up who struggle with sexual purity and want to be free from the damaging effects of sexual brokenness and addiction. Young and old from all church backgrounds are welcome!

To determine if you may have developed a sexual addiction, you can take an online anonymous test here.

What is the format?

Weekly meetings include worship, teaching and small groups. In each group, participants are given a chance to check in, discuss the teaching and then receive prayer within the small group.

Accountability and prayer are two of the major components of the small groups.

When does it start?

Our next session will begin August 16, 2018. The application process needs to be completed prior to the first meeting.

How long is the program?

18 weeks. The length of the program allows for lasting, long-term change and healthy patterns of behavior to be established.

How much does it cost?

The class cost $100. Partial scholarships are available.

How do I sign up?

You need to apply and go through an interview process to qualify for the course.  The application can be found by clicking the “Sign Up/Register” button below.


Mail the completed application to:

Clay Spencer
c/o Christian Fellowship
4600 Christian Fellowship Rd.
Columbia, MO 65203

… or e-mail your application digitally to clayspencer@christianfellowship.com.

Registration is not open at this time. If you have questions or would like information about future groups, please contact us at office@christianfellowship.com