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Everyone goes through difficulties, challenges, and changes in life, and Care Ministry is all about helping you navigate through some of life’s challenges and transitions.

Healing Prayer

What is Healing Prayer?

Healing prayer is a targeted prayer session that facilitates an encounter with God to address wounds that are affecting your thoughts, behavior, relationships, and/or physical health. The goal is to heal wounds and to apply God's truth.

Who can benefit from Healing Prayer?

Anyone who feels stuck or frustrated with an ongoing, persistent, emotional, physical, or behavioral issue that is negatively impacting your life can benefit from Healing Prayer. Do you feel like there's a wall between you and God? Or maybe a door to fear, anxiety, or anger has been opened in your life? Sometimes we need a little help getting breakthrough in some of these area. Healing Prayer is a great place to look for help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: All Healing Prayer sessions are held at Christian Fellowship Church in a quiet room, free of distractions. A team of 2 to 4 people will meet with you, talk a bit and then pray with you.ng together, etc. Every small group looks a little different, and we want to help you find the one that is best for you!

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