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But God

But God” is one of our favorite sayings at Christian Fellowship because we so often see a desperate situation turn into a glorious story because God showed up in a remarkable way.

Last December, a family of six arrived in America from Rwanda to escape the unrest and danger there. Unfortunately their paperwork was delayed and they arrived here without the ability to work or to get any kind of government assistance, not even medical or food stamps. They were completely without shelter, had very little clothing, had no basic hygiene items and no way to get food or even school supplies for the children. They found themselves in a desperate situation.

The “But God” phrase fits in this situation. They had no home, no clothes and no food, but God provided! A missionary’s home was offered as temporary housing. Food, clothing, school supplies and all other needs were met by some of the Christian agencies here in Columbia. Many of these agencies are ones that we support as a church; so even in the beginning, we were indirectly involved in their great story.

Finally, after almost 10 months, the work papers came and the father and son both got jobs right away. We were so happy to hear the news, but we also learned that they had only one bike and were trying to find another bike so they could both accept their job offers. Again, God provided. A car had been donated to CF to be given away, and we realized that while a bike may have been a great idea in Africa, it is not the best form of transportation in Missouri during the winter months. The car needed some repairs and an inspection, so we took care of that and then handed them the keys to a new way of life in America. They also met Pastor Nene, who is one of our African pastors here at Christian Fellowship. From that connection, their lives have been enriched by a larger community of fellow Africans, and they plan to attend our African service on Sundays.

These kinds of “But God” stories happen often because of our Community Compassion fund that we use to support the agencies in our city and to help with individual needs as they arise. November and December are the months that we highlight this fund and ask our church family to prayerfully consider giving so that we can continue do this kind of care within our church and community.

If you would like to give to the Community Compassion offering, please visit, or you can give us a call at (573) 445-8561 to learn other ways you can be a part of more “But God” stories.

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