Increasing Our Capacity

As of March 20, 2018, we have raised over $2.1 million towards our building project! We are now in the design and development phase with our architects! Thank you to everyone who gave and continues to give.  God is doing amazing things in our midst and we are encouraged as we continue to raise funds for our new church building.

*When giving online, be sure to select the “Building Fund” category.


Building Into a 100 Year Plan

Why Do We Need More Space?

Increasing Our Capacity for All People


Building Renderings

Our architects provided the following sketches of what the new building will look like.

Stories from those who have given

  • “I’m thrilled to give to the new building fund and even though I didn’t formally pledge an amount, I prayed. Besides a regular job I am blessed to have a commission-based business which I love. At the beginning of the year I prayed for an increase in my business and promised to give 20%. Guess what? I have been blessed with more business than I ever thought possible. I’m so happy to give and pass on the blessings and I’m excited to see what He has planned!” — Sue
  • “I want to give where I know God is at work and his people are seeking HIM first and his will first. Thank you for providing that place and being those people!” — Kim
  • “I thank God for what He is doing and I’m so excited about the future. We could sit back and enjoy what God has done, but instead we are taking (it seems to me) the bravest step yet. I’m so grateful to you and all the leaders for carefully building a solid foundation, and for hearing from God and not being content with where we are.” — David
  • “I prayed about what I could give and I looked at our finances,which were worse than I realized. I was discouraged. Then I had an idea, I could do some side work. I had not done side work for years but I could do it. I could give a portion of the money to the church and use the rest to pay on debts. I am motivated and encouraged that I have jobs to do and the energy to do them.” — Gene

Prayer Points

We can do nothing without prayer. Let’s pray together in agreement, asking God for unity in our church as we strive to move forward.

  • Sunday – Sanctuary
    Father, we pray that you will draw us together as a community of worshippers.  We pray for the Holy Spirit to make us aware of God and draw us and future generations into the very presence of God.  (Exodus 33:14-15)
  • Monday – Foyer
    Father, we ask that you bring people who need you; people who are hungry to know you.  We pray that the Holy Spirit will draw people to Jesus, your Son, and that you would open ears and open hearts.  Help us to welcome those you send to us.
  • Tuesday – Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry
    Father, we pray that you would help to serve and minister to our families through our children’s and youth ministries.  We pray you would raise up leaders who desire to teach the hearts of our children and youth so that they might know and become followers of Jesus.  We pray for the next generation that you would grant to them wisdom and anointing to reach the nations.
  • Wednesday – Classrooms
    Father, help us to love and know your Word.  Send us anointed teachers and hungry students of your Word.  Holy Spirit, teach us to make the Bible livable in our daily lives with one another.
  • Thursday – Pastor and Admin Offices
    Father, guide our leaders.  Protect our pastors and staff spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Strengthen their homes and their marriages.  Give them wisdom and let them clearly hear your voice and instruct us in a life of grace.
  • Friday – Multi-purpose Room and Kitchen
    Father, you have created us for community with yourself and each other. We pray that you will make us a people that know how to share life with each other as we share meals and activities together in the church.
  • Saturday – Parking Lot
    Father, give us influence outside of our four walls.  Help us to make a positive impact on our community.  Lord, take us from our community into the nations as well.  Increase our opportunities to send out missionaries and teams to reach the nations for the sake of Christ.


In 2002, Christian Fellowship purchased 37 acres of land at the corner of Louisville and Chapel Hill Road. Since then, we have been waiting for God to give us the word to take the next step toward moving the church to this new location. After more than a decade of waiting and watching and praying, we began meeting with architects and builders. We have an outline of the building plan with an estimated cost of $6 million. We are now at a point where we believe the next step is to start fundraising to build. More history.