Increasing Our Influence

Days until our first Sunday service in our new building!


We believe God has been leading us to increase our capacity and our influence to receive and reach more people throughout our community and the world with the gospel of grace. Part of fulfilling this calling has us, as a church, in a multi-stage building initiative that began in the fall of 2014. As of March of 2021, we have paid off $1 million of capital improvements at our current location and raised over $3.4 million towards phase one of the Chapel Hill facility.

*When giving online, be sure to select the “Building Fund” category.


We are giving tours of the new facility for those that are interested! We will have more tours in the future as we grow closer to moving in this summer.


Pray with us as we prepare to move. As we close the chapter of being here and begin a new chapter in a new building, pray that God prepares the hearts of our people.  


You can help us pack up, move, and/or unpack. We have a variety of tasks for all ability levels. Sign up here to receive messages about moving needs as they arise.


We’ve created a fun way for you to participate financially in adding the finishing touches to the space. You can help purchase chairs for the auditorium, coffee pots, playground equipment, and more here.

Ground Breaking And Building Progress

Our building project has begun!  We broke ground in November of 2019 and the project is scheduled to be complete in the Summer of 2021.

Questions and Answers

We have compiled a list of common questions about our building campaign with answers. If your questions are not answered here we encourage you to email us in the office.

When we launched Increasing Our Capacity, we planned it in phases knowing it would take a long period of time. There would be people who wanted to participate, but were not financially able at the time of the launch, or who were not even a part of the church at the initial launch, but who would want to participate in our future plans. Increasing Our Capacity was a launching pad for our future. Yes, it was about fundraising for building space, but it was also to prepare us for new ministerial outreach. God always leads us into new endeavors. He is never static with us. The entire Bible reads of a going forth of the people of God. Increasing Our Influence is about extending our faith to believe that the Lord wants to give us greater influence as a church. This phase still includes finances, but it’s also about the ministries that the Lord has awaiting us in our new space.

Building Renderings

Our architects provided the following sketches of what the new building will look like.

Prophetic Words Given to Our Church

  • “We are a place of influence, a place of sending out, a place of teaching, a place of prophecy, a place of encouragement, a place of great generosity, a place of spiritual intensity, a place of prayer and fasting. Out of this house will go those who are sent to ignite this city and beyond.” — 1983
  • “God wants this house to be a place of refuge for the oppressed. They’re going to come here hurt, bruised, and dying. We will say, ‘We will restore them. We will restore their lives. They will become like gold.’” — 1984
  • “A voice will go forth from this house, and it will shoot out many arrows. Everywhere the arrows land there will be an igniting of flame. Then the flame shall burn in that city.” — 1988

Our Church History

Many of us may not be aware of this, but as a church, we have only had a few years in our 40-year history where we were not expanding or renovating our facilities in one form or another. Our building is in use seven days a week, with about 400 people utilizing it each day during the workweek. We have grown from a staff of seven people up to 85 people. Our congregation of 175 people in 1980 has grown to roughly 1,500 people. There are constant requests to use the same spaces at the same time, so our different ministries can function. Between growing ministries and adding new ones, we’ve had to be very flexible and creative in how our current building space is used. More history.