We believe God is calling us to increase our capacity to receive more people and reach more nations with the Gospel of Grace. Therefore we are in a mult-stage capital campaign to raise 4.1 million dollars in order to build a new church facility on the property we own on Chapel Hill. As of March 8, 2019, we have raised over $2.4 million towards our building project! Thank you to everyone who gave and continues to give.  God is doing amazing things in our midst and we are encouraged as we continue to raise funds for our new church building.

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Building Into a 100 Year Plan

Increasing Our Capacity for All People

Why Do We Need More Space?

Increasing Our

Building Renderings

Our architects provided the following sketches of what the new building will look like.

Questions and Answers

We have compiled a list of common questions about our building campaign with answers. If your questions are not answered here we encourage you to email us in the office.

How is Increasing Our Influence any different from Increasing Our Capacity?

When we launched Increasing Our Capacity, we planned it in phases knowing it would take a long period of time.
There would be people who wanted to participate, but were not financially able at the time of the launch, or who
were not even a part of the church at the initial launch, but who would want to participate in our future plans.
Increasing Our Capacity was a launching pad for our future. Yes, it was about fundraising for building space, but it
was also to prepare us for new ministerial outreach. God always leads us into new endeavors. He is never static with
us. The entire Bible reads of a going forth of the people of God. Increasing Our Influence is about extending our
faith to believe that the Lord wants to give us greater influence as a church. This phase still includes finances, but
it’s also about the ministries that the Lord has awaiting us in our new space.

Do we really need a new building? Are there other ways we can solve our issues with space?

Though it may not always be obvious, there have only been a few years in our 40-year history as a church where we
were not expanding or renovating our facilities in one form or another. The insert titled “The History” provides
more information on what we have done to get the most out of this facility. Meetings with strategic planners over
the years have made clear the need of permanent facilities, to not continue to add modular units or carve up existing
space that does not adequately meet needs. A long-range plan has always been the consensus.

Are the blueprints for the building final at this point?

Yes, the current blueprints are finalized to represent what is the first phase of future building space. It has been
designed to allow for expansion of children space, office space, classrooms, auditorium, and various sizes of multipurpose

Why do we need to raise additional funds?

The initial estimated construction cost based on a building of this size was $6 million. Our plan was to raise $3 million
and borrow $3 million. As of the end of 2018 we have collected $2.4 million. We will continue to raise funds to
reach the $3 million goal. There are also about another $1.1 million worth of items that are not part of the construction
costs such as furniture, audio-visual equipment, security systems, and kitchen equipment. Thus, we need to
raise the remaining balance of $600,000 to reach the initial $3 million goal, and approximately an additional million
to cover ancillary costs.

What is the date for the groundbreaking of the new property?

Our aim is to break ground in 2019 or by 2020. We will break ground as long as three specific financial conditions
are satisfied: That we have $3 million in hand to put down on the new construction. That the church budget can
support payments to service the borrowed funds. And that Christian Fellowship School can support its overhead
costs, as it will become the sole occupant of the current building.

When will we move into the new building?

The construction phase should last about 14 months.

What is my part in this process as we prepare to move?

This is an important question. Faith is the part that we each need to bring. Without faith we will not see God’s hand
guiding us; without faith we will miss the opportunities God gives to us; without faith we cannot succeed. With faith
in our hearts we are positioned to do anything. We will be motivated to sacrifice and labor. Faith changes the entire
way we approach a thing, so pray that faith will arise in your heart.

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Prophetic Words Given to Our Church

  • “We are a place of influence, a place of sending out, a place of teaching, a place of prophecy, a place of encouragement, a place of great generosity, a place of spiritual intensity, a place of prayer and fasting. Out of this house will go those who are sent to ignite this city and beyond.” — 1983
  • “God wants this house to be a place of refuge for the oppressed. They’re going to come here hurt, bruised, and dying. We will say, ‘We will restore them. We will restore their lives. They will become like gold.’” — 1984
  • “A voice will go forth from this house, and it will shoot out many arrows. Everywhere the arrows land there will be an igniting of flame. Then the flame shall burn in that city.” — 1988


Many of us may not be aware of this, but as a church we have only had a few years in our 40-year history where we were not expanding or renovating our facilities in one form or another. Our building is in use seven days a week, with about 400 people utilizing it each day during the work week. We have grown from a staff of seven people up to 85 people. Our congregation of 175 people in 1980 has grown to roughly 1,500 people. There are constant requests to use the same spaces at the same time, so our different ministries can function. Between growing ministries and
adding new ones, we’ve had to be very flexible and creative in how our current building space is used. More history.