Phil Schaefer

He Makes No Mistakes

By Phil Schaefer / February 23, 2017

In my Sunday message, in which I spoke about growing through stages of faith, I made a brief reference to the Twilight and Harry Potter series as books with a moral story for the young adult reader even though they are books about vampires and wizards. Parents with younger children might censor these books, but…

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Justice, Benevolence and The Spirit Behind Them

By Phil Schaefer / February 10, 2017

Question: Do Christians have a responsibility toward justice? – Yes Question: Is benevolence the same as justice? – No Question: Is justice an imperative for a Christian? – Yes Question: What is the spirit one should have when it comes to matters of justice? – With winsomeness Private Morality For many followers of Jesus, the…

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Rejecting the Un-Christlike God

By Phil Schaefer / February 4, 2017

I recently read this critique in a book addressing what God is really like: “If you’re a Christian that supports killing your enemy and torture, you have come up with a new name for yourself… ’Capping the enemy’ is not exactly what Jesus would do. For almost two thousand years, Christians have been lawyering the…

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Early Comments on 31 Days of Prayer

By Phil Schaefer / January 11, 2017

In the running community to which I belong there is a certain frame of thinking that runners use to categorize themselves. There are the A runners (who run fast and long), the B runners (who run steady and reasonable), and the C runners (who enjoy the experience of just being out there regardless of the…

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Six Things You Can Anticipate During 31 Days of Prayer

By Phil Schaefer / January 4, 2017

Most of us are not accustomed to praying for any length of time. At best we are sporadic and distracted. At worst we feel like we are failures when it comes to praying. We are about as good as non-believers in prayer in that we can throw up a few ‘Hail Mary’ type prayers and…

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By Phil Schaefer / July 10, 2013

When David Haasis asked me to listen to a couple of songs to consider for our next teaching series, the song “Always” stood out. This series we are launching into is on the Psalms and learning how to turn to God in every circumstance in life. That is what we read in the Psalms. The prayer and worship book of the Bible makes it clear that in every and any circumstance we can turn to God. He is our sufficiency in our every need. Learning to look to Him, learning to wait for Him, learning to see His provision and supply is the heart of the Psalms.

“Always” expresses that sentiment perfectly – in all ways we can turn to God, and always our God will come through.

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