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Arrival in Dnipro, 20 hours by train

Just got to Dnipro after our twenty hour train ride! We had time to enjoy each other’s company and rest.
The sleeping compartments were almost like being back on the ship, but much more enjoyable – rocked us to sleep like babies.
When we looked out the windows, we saw a BEAUTIFUL country!
Seeing the land God has blessed these people with, it is almost possible to forget that war is here.
God loves all people. But to me, it is obvious that God is here in Ukraine – in the flowers, in the sky, and in the beauty of his creation.
Soldiers were boarding trains at many train stations along the journey (see photo). The Ukraine people choose to fight – for I can see that what they stand to lose is great.
I don’t know God’s will in this situation yet, even though I think I have an idea. But we will continue to seek it because we know that with our God, all things are possible. He chases us all, desiring for us to be reconciled to him, that not one would perish. When God is for you, no one can truly stand against you in any way that matters.
Please pray for God’s will to be done in Ukraine and for the people to cling to faith and joy in Him.
by Sian Tweeddale, Dnipro Team
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