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A Story of God’s Faithfulness

Pastor Phil recently asked for stories from the 150+ people who have contributed to our Increasing Our Capacity building fund. Several people responded and all had great stories to tell of God’s faithfulness. This week we are featuring a special story from Caritas Habimana.

Caritas, who miraculously survived the Rwandan genocide in 1994 and came to America as a refugee, has many, many stories to tell about God’s faithfulness to her. We think this one is amazing!

 “God’s Answer” by Caritas Habimana

I prefer to let people know that God has an answer. He will answer your prayer if you knock. I pledged $120 dollars (to the building campaign). I counted and tried my budget and said to myself that it was time to go back to trusting my God, the one that gave me all when there was no way. The one that is under the rock. I struggled but I tried to not miss a single month.

In April I had a deadly accident. A complete loss of my car. This was the answer. My car was paid and I got enough money to buy a used car. No more paying the car loan. More money in my pocket. He is always on my side.

Now I give more than I pledged. I am blessed! God will bless you if you give. Try God! The one that has millions. You will never go hungry.

Read more of Caritas’ story.

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