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A return to Dnipro

Our first day in Dnipro.

We arrived at a train station under beautiful sunny skies and wonderful weather.

Pastor Maxim asked me,

“When was the last time you were here?”

The last time I was here was April of 1997. I remember Jill, Jordan (who was a baby) and I stood with 15-20 folks from our little church. It was raining.

The people told us that the city was weeping at our departure as they prayed and hugged us. And we said our goodbyes.

I never imagined it would be 26 years later that I would return to Ukraine. It is now a country at war, defending its territory.

Our team visited an apartment complex that was bombed in January where 50 or more people lost their lives. Many members of Pastor Maxim’s church knew someone who died.

We entered into prayer together and recorded a video of Pastor Nene praying over this place and for our friends here in Dnipro.
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