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A House of Bread

A word from God given about Christian Fellowship through Dick Iverson in 1983:

For this will be a house of bread, says the Lord. It will be a place I will have barns that will store food. The barns will be bigger, stronger.

There will be hungry servants of God who will come and say, “You have bread in your barns. Will you share it with me?” And they will come from afar. It is not your own doing. It is the Spirit of the Lord drawing hungry servants. And they will come in all shapes and forms, all different kinds of backgrounds. They will come all twisted with concepts which man has filled their minds. And your not going to refuse anybody. You’re just going to open the door and say, “Eat all you want. It’s free!” Say as Joseph, “There’s no famine around here. Come, the barns are full. Take all you want!” The Lord will bless you and give you more food and bigger barns.

For there is an increase that’s destined upon this house, but it’s only destined there as you give it away. And as you feed the hungry, and ask for nothing in return, I will bring to this house the servants of God. My ministers shall come. They will not come and find a prideful spirit, but they will find humility. And they will see a servant who is willing to share anything without pride.

I keep hearing in my spirit the word Antioch. And I don’t really know what it means, but I feel in the spirit I’d like to give a charge to the pastor and the elders to study the church at Antioch, just to study it and ask God for insights to the church at Antioch, because God wants this to be an Antioch.

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