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3 Reasons I Am Excited about 31 Days of Prayer

Three Reasons I’m excited about 31 Days of Prayer

  1. I need a fresh word.
    I have been running in the same direction for a very long time – same job, same city, same house, same Odyssey mini van, same routine. I’m not complaining. I love my life. It’s secure and comfortable and I am reasonably happy, but I just want to make sure. I want to be brave enough to ask the Lord for a fresh word, “Is this STILL what you want me to be doing? Am I still following you or have I somehow been staring at my own feet for so long that I’ve lost my way?” I wonder what His answer is going to be.
  1. I am weary.
    According to Isaiah 40:31, those who wait upon the Lord are guaranteed some prizes that sound exceptionally good to me right now. One in particular convinces me to commit to our 31 days of prayer: the ability to catch the wind under my wings like an eagle, and ride, soar, and glide without effort above the fray and with a new, clearer perspective. Yeah, that sounds really good.
  1. God loves it when we pray together.
    I want Christian Fellowship to be powerful in God’s kingdom. I want us to tear down strongholds and see glimpses of heaven on earth. I know that unity and love for one another are keys to this kind of kingdom power and I believe that when we make time to seek Him TOGETHER, the result will be unity of spirit and increased love for one another. I can get pretty excited about what God can do with that.

So, I will be at prayer from 7-8pm every night in January as often as I possibly can. I plan to go home from work, make dinner, watch Tim wash the dishes and be back at church by 7pm. I’ll probably be wearing sweats and sneakers so that I can hit the gym on my way home. It sounds too simple to be powerful, but that’s the way God seems to work. He delights to use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. He likes to remind us that it is in trusting and resting in Him, not striving in our own efforts, that brings the best results.

I’m excited to see how He uses this time and I hope to see you there!

Debbie Koske



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