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Life change and healing

What do you say when God starts changing your whole life in an afternoon?

How do you express what you feel in a paragraph to those you love?

When we read about Jesus healing the blind in the New Testament, I used to question why he spit in a blind man’s eyes in Bethsaida. Why wouldn’t he just say it and it be so? But when it is different, it catches our attention. It thrills us in a way that we won’t soon forget.

And today, we are thrilled. We saw the Spirit work in ways that could not be coincidence.

Weeks-old prophecy, bodies healed, spirits rebuked.

The miracles I thought don’t happen day-to-day happened before my eyes! And just like the blind man at Bethsaida with fresh eyes, I saw the Kingdom of God with a crisp clarity that shocked my senses, as easy as breathing.

Although we prayed for the refreshment of others, we were the ones the Spirit revived. I knew I was walking with Jesus. But now I want to run with him.

by Sian Tweeddale, Dnipro Team

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